How to revolutionize dry-cleaning services?

Beeclean at Cool-Pressing



has been specializing in laundry treatment for professionals and private customers for over 20 years. It has mainly developed its activities in the province of Liège. Cool-Pressing has more than 6 automatic laundries, several dry-cleaning depots and a treatment plant based in Grâce-Hollogne. Cool-Pressing works with numerous nursing homes, hotels, businesses and private customers.

Cool-Pressing CEO Martin wants to offer his customers more than just high-quality laundry treatment. In his opinion, nothing has changed in the way dry cleaners serve their customers. As technology and digitalization open up a host of possibilities for his company and, above all, for all his customers.

Together, we have designed and developed digital tools that modernize pressing services and offer customers a whole new experience.

Cool-Pressing est ravi d'avoir BeeClean et il nous l'explique


The challenge

The mission was clear: digitize the entire value chain. From the customer’s journey to the dry cleaner’s, to item coding, linen processing, internal logistics and the return of all garments to the customer.

In addition, we manage several dry cleaning sites and depots, and synchronize all cash register systems with each other and with the linen processing plant management system.

Cool-Pressing therefore asked us to create management software for all its outlets. This management system had to be able to communicate in real time with that of the Grâce-Hollogne plant. The aim is to save time, distribute workforces more efficiently, and have a continuous, instantaneous view of stock at different sites. Above all, the ultimate goal: to offer new services and experiences to all customers thanks to digital technology.


The beeclean solution

Les avantages du logiciel BeeClean

Items are processed centrally at the Grâce-Hollogne plant. That’s why our teams began by digitizing the entire production line. In concrete terms, BeeClean enables an article to be traced through the entire process: customer movement, depot, processing, delivery and return.

BeeClean was then rolled out to all sales outlets (dry cleaners and depots). New modules have been added: cash register, inventory management, linen processing status, digital tickets, customer data management system, Click&Collect personalized by customer, stock estimation, etc.

And of course, all data is centralized in BeeClean in BeeClean, and data can be consulted for each site.

The Netbee teams also reworked the entire design and copywriting of the Cool-Pressing website. A customer area has been developed to enable professional users to identify themselves and consult information in a personalized area. You can also communicate directly with Cool-Pressing support and place orders.

Our teams were able to complete these developments in just a few months. This was only possible thanks to the mobilization of our teams and the experience and industrial background of our directors.

What next?

The results


Centralized, shared data

Cool-Pressing has become even more efficient. Now she can estimate the number of items to be processed at her different sites and anticipate the workload. To be efficient and solution-oriented, the professional space enables all B2B customers to access their data and communicate effectively with their end-customers.


Faultless traceability

We have opted for data matrix technology for tracking. It offers better results and greater reliability when washing/drying items. Digital tickets and the Click&Collect system offer individual customers a tailor-made service and personalized experience.


Time saving

Digitization of the entire production line has radically changed item encoding and verification times. Our software frees up time and enables Cool-Pressing to analyze performance thanks to reporting tools and production statistics.


new experiences

All stock movements can be consulted, everywhere and for all customers. 

Always keep all key information on an article. Always inform the customer about the condition of a garment. Give him a new service experience with BeeClean. 


Nothing beats a face-to-face demonstration of our software. If you’d like to find out more and see for yourself how we can make your business more efficient, we’d be delighted to visit your company!