Tullibee is not a CRM. It’s your new mobile sales application.


WHY choose tullibee?


create or import your sales opportunities

You can create a lead in 5 seconds or import your own database. Then you organize your conversion tunnel according to your method and your sector.

Créez ou importez vos opportunités commerciales dans TulliBee
Passez à l'action grâce aux notifications dans TulliBee


take action

Thanks to notifications, you won’t miss an opportunity! You can also allocate leads to your team members, and quickly turn a prospect into a customer.


Challenge your teams

TulliBee frees you from the tasks of a traditional CRM so you can concentrate on your sales opportunities. Reinventing the codes! Define your objectives, turn them into challenges and gamify your sales process.  

Fixez vous-même vos objectifs dans TulliBee
Analysez en un coup d'oeil vos performances dans TulliBee


a quick look at your performance

With TulliBee, you can check your performance and that of your team, and easily organize your sales meetings.


And many more features

What could be better than a demonstration of the efficiency and simplicity of your future mobile sales application, TulliBee?


What's in it for you?

Les avantages de l'application mobile de venteTulliBee

360° view of your sales and opportunities

By centralizing all your activities, you’ll have a complete view of your sales.

Boost your sales

Challenge your teams, spice up your sales and get your salespeople into the game. Create a new environment and boost your sales with games.

Refine your strategies

Thanks to our reporting tool, you’ll be able to analyze your performance and that of your sales force, and organize your sales strategy. 

only the essentials

No more tedious encoding tasks. With TulliBee, you have a simple, useful application that captures only the essentials for organizing and tracking your sales.


If you’d like to find out more and see for yourself how we can make your sales more effective, we’d be delighted to visit your company!


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