Discover the full potential of digital to manage your dry cleaning.


WHY choose BEEclean?

Managing your dry cleaning

Get closer to your customers


Digital customer ticket

Great news for the environment and, above all, for your customers. Become paperless.


A unique service

Don’t wait for your customers to pick up their goods. Anticipate his needs and notify him directly of any withdrawals to be made at your dry cleaner’s.


Workload management

One day follows another, but no two are alike. BeeClean gives you a complete overview of the workload and the number of items to be processed and returned.


Screen intuitive touch screen

Digital accessibility is easy with BeeClean. For your staff, our interfaces are intuitive and easy to use.


Customer database

Consider your customers and plan targeted marketing actions. All this is possible thanks to your new database, which can be used directly in your BeeClean software.

managing your industry

optimize your business management


Article tracking

Each item is labeled, enabling you to optimize item traceability, parcel tracking, transit time analysis, etc.


Fast laundry sorting

Each item is unique, as is its treatment. Scan your laundry and save precious time by providing precise instructions to your operators.


Sorting laundry for storage

One scan and one dedicated storage area per parcel. You’re ready to deliver.


Delivery schedule

You can plan your deliveries according to the customer. You’ll also have a detailed history of items by delivery.



You can easily manage your accounts with quotes, invoices, order forms, payment reconciliations… Manage your business with Beeclean thanks to our integrated management system.


Production optimization

Organize your production on the basis of reliable indicators. Use statistical functions to analyze production at individual workstations.


And many other features

What better way to see the power and simplicity of your future software than with a demonstration on a production site or at a partner dry cleaner?


What does beeclean do for you?

Les avantages du logiciel BeeClean

data centralization

With centralized data on all your activities, you have a complete view of your business. Manage your different sites with BeeClean.

Ease of use

The interfaces are simple and easy to use. Our touch screens and illustrations make BeeClean an intuitive program that all your staff can use.

Your customers' experience

We’ve thought of everything to make your customers’ experience even better: digital ticket, order history, notifications to customers when they pick up their garments, etc.

Save precious time

No more manual encoding, go digital with BeeClean and save precious time. 


If you’d like to find out more and see for yourself how we can make your business more efficient, we’d be delighted to visit your dry cleaner’s!


Tested and approved

How to revolutionize dry-cleaning services?

Cool-Pressing CEO Martin wants to offer his customers more than just high-quality laundry treatment. In his opinion, nothing has changed in the way dry cleaners serve their customers. As technology and digitalization open up a host of possibilities for his company and, above all, for all his customers.

Cool-Pressing est ravi d'avoir BeeClean et il nous l'explique


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