Manage your business and your teams with our ERP solution and mobile application.



Liez vos tâches avec votre planning grâce à OneBee


Keep track of your projects

OneBee gives you a clear view of the progress of a customer file or the status of your projects. All information is centralized within the software to facilitate the management of your SME.


Link your tasks to your schedule

When you create a task, you can link it directly to your calendar. No more forgetfulness or long days. Vou’re in control of your organization, which is optimized and made easier!

Vous pouvez lier vos tâches avec votre planning grâce à OneBee
Synchronisez vos compte bancaires grâce à OneBee


Synchronize your bank accounts

With OneBee, you’ll have a real-time view of your customers’ invoice payments. This will not only enable you to follow up late payers, but also to see your actual sales figures.

Even better! You can also perform recurring billing.


Access your essential data

Data is a goldmine, and OneBee provides you with the essential data you need to run your business. The ones you want to see at your first coffee or at the end of the day. 

Ayez un accès direct à vos données essentielles grâce OneBee
Liez votre compte OneBee avec notre application mobile


Link your Onebee account with our mobile application

The OneBee mobile application enables your team to view the tasks to be carried out. Your teams can attach documents to a scheduled task (photos, documents, etc.).


And many more features

What could be better than a demonstration to show you just how powerful and simple it is?


What does onebee do for you?

Les avantages de notre logiciel OneBee

360° view of your business

By centralizing all your activities, you’ll have a complete overview of your business.

linking your tasks to your agenda

Synchronization between different tasks helps you to stay organized and communicate effectively with your teams.

Clear reporting

Thanks to our reporting tool, you can analyze your business performance and key data.

Save valuable time

No more searching for information among your various collaborators, centralize everything with the OneBee application. 


If you’d like to find out more and see for yourself how we can make your business more efficient, we’d be delighted to visit your company!


Tested and approved

How can we make it easier to manage a company and its team?

Xavier Ponthier’s main activity is road freight transport. The company has a fleet of around ten trucks, semi-trailers, tractors and other equipment. On a daily basis, more than 20 people employed by Xavier Ponthier travel the roads of Wallonia.

Over the years, the need to digitalize business management has grown. Xavier Ponthier took the time to think about the aims of his future management tool.

Xavier Ponthier


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