How do you reconcile physical and digital sales?

Beehive aux z’arsouilles


the Z'arsouilles

Les Z’arsouilles
is an educational toys and games store in Theux. Founded in 2014 by Dominique and Philippe Prégardien, the store today represents over 250 m2 of sales and display space for products adapted to children from 0 to 14 years old. With over a hundred items available in store or via the e-shop, les Z’arsouilles offers a choice of items for people who want to learn, play and have fun.

Since the creation of the e-shop, the Z’arsouilles have been looking for software that would simplify management and sales. Launching an e-shop is a huge project that requires optimum management to be efficient and cope with the influx of orders.


The challenge

Dozens of web orders a day are processed by the Z’arsouilles teams. For them, the e-shop is a real opportunity to sell more and reach an ever-growing audience. In addition to these online sales, there are numerous simultaneous sales in the Theux store.

In order to remain available to customers, management wanted to be able to respond effectively to this web influx, while continuing to offer service and advice to the store’s customers. Above all, the management team didn’t want to reinvest and hire people dedicated solely to managing online sales!


The beehive solution

Les Z’arsouilles have been using our BeeHive sales software since 2017. In response to the sales development linked to the launch of the e-shop, Netbee’s teams developed a module to synchronize physical and digital sales.

In concrete terms, every web command is visible in the BeeHive interface and can be processed directly in the software. Everything is synchronized every 5 minutes, and the system informs you of online sales so you can anticipate in-store sales.

BeeHive is used by Z’arsouilles for day-to-day management: by processing all data centrally, all stock movements (physical and web) are notified and identified directly in the BeeHive software. Synchronization is immediate, keeping all sales, order and stock information up to date.

The Netbee teams also thought of integrating BeeHive modules into the e-shop to save them time. For each item encoded in the system, a simple tick enables the Z’arsouilles to publish the item on their e-shop. With BeeHive, articles are encoded just once and put online immediately.

Our BeeHive software has enabled Z’arsouilles to cope with the increase in sales with the same team and the same management software. In fact, thanks to BeeHive, regardless of frequency, purchase volume or source, the Z’arsouilles manage sales on a single channel. All our staff are trained in a single software package, so they remain versatile in their tasks.

What next?



Time saving

BeeHive makes point-of-sale management simple. Everything is synchronized and omnichannel. Our software enables the 4 Z’arsouilles sales assistants to handle over 10,000 items in stock and online. 


Centralized management

All information, statistics, items and orders are centralized in BeeHive. Our software is installed on several cash registers and peripherals on different floors.


Simplified inventory

With the inventory module, the Z’arsouilles mainly work the BeeHive machine. They continue to sell during this time, and can consult the inventory at any time.


Sell better

BeeHive provides access to useful data for store and e-shop management. Our ultra-complete statistics module gives you the keys to selling better (in-store and online) by creating effective marketing campaigns. What’s more ,BeeHive integrates a loyalty system to reward customers and offer them a better experience .


Trained staff

NetBee trained the teams in half a day, enabling all employees to get to grips with the system quickly. BeeHive is easy to use! During recruitment, new profiles receive ongoing training from their colleagues.


Key figures

In-store transactions to date
Imported web commands
Encoded products
Inventory completed in less than 24 hours
Items scanned by inventory


They tell us


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