Are you a concept store manager?

Do you offer your customers a unique selection of fun and useful products? Between home decor, accessories, food and textiles, your boutique is a veritable cavern of ali-baba? Do you have a keen eye for pieces that will put a smile on your customers’ faces? We can help you meet your logistical and administrative challenges.

Your problems…

Do you find yourself in one of the following situations?

BeeHive helps you focus on your core business: we take care of the rest!

"I don't have the time to manage a store and an e-commerce site".

Between product encoding, cross-stock management, order preparation and dispatch, and store animation… It’s hard to be on all fronts!

"I'd really like to be able to automate my stock management".

It’s hard to get a real-time overview of your stock, both in-store and online… Taking inventory after the day is sometimes a headache.

"I'd like statistics on my customers and sales".

Your intuition as a retailer isn’t enough: you want to know your customers’ preferences so you can offer them the most personalized service possible.

"I'm fed up with paperwork and accounting".

Invoices, receipts, sales results and accounting documents invade your evenings and weekends? You’d love it if everything could be done in just a few clicks…

" My checkout system is too restrictive and unresponsive "

Are the functionalities of your current system limited, or do you have to pay for them? You may even find it difficult to get hold of an IT contact or support…

"I need to offer digitalized receipts".

In Belgium, it is now compulsory to use digital till receipts rather than paper ones. You need a cash register system with this option…

… our solutions

Find out how Beehive can help you!

Connect the physical and the digital with ease.

Synchronized inventory

BeeHive is your single channel for managing in-store and e-shop sales. Encode an article in BeeHive, and it will be directly visible on your website thanks to automatic synchronization. Unify your inventory to update with each new sale, whatever the channel.

Gift list management

Digitalize your gift list with BeeHive. Your customers will be able to reserve a product in your unified stock and then pick it up.

Easy accounting

One sale, one invoice with BeeHive. In just one click, you can obtain your cash results and send your documents to your accountant.

A loyalty system

BeeHive compiles its own loyalty management solutions. Reward your regular customers with points, in the form of gift vouchers or discounts.

Customer data storage

BeeHive software identifies each customer and notifies all their purchases. You can use this data to offer a personalized service, or even to set up targeted marketing campaigns.

Real-time vision

Your product inventory is updated in real time. You receive a notification as soon as an item is ordered on your e-commerce site. You can consult your POS system from the comfort of your own home.

An overview of our software that connects the physical and the digital


They've decided to make life easier for themselves

These stores have opted for BeeHive: here are the day-to-day problems they’ve been able to say goodbye to.


The challenge:

CarreDesse is a decoration store that has been operating for over 10 years in the province of Liège. Sophie Hubert, its manager, was looking for a checkout solution that would enable her to manage both her in-store stock and her online e-shop. A synchronized solution offered by BeeHive.

The BeeHive solution:

We know that encoding items is a time-consuming process. To avoid double encoding, NetBee has created a module that synchronizes products on both channels. The advantages are numerous:

  • Unique item coding saves time
  • Order centralization : e-shop orders are processed directly in BeeHive
  • Inventory management : physical and digital inventories are linked and updated in real time
  • Data centralization : all sales are managed by BeeHive. Checkout reports are made on both belly channels
  • Team management: staff use just one software package, which doesn't add to the workload

One Such

The challenge

Sena has been running its successful e-shop, OneSuch, for several years now. Trusting talented designers, he offered clothing, accessories and home decor. The opening of his physical concept store in downtown Liège prompted him to look for a simple, intuitive software solution, interconnected with his website. He was looking for a better view of the sales of his designer items, while at the same time being able to share them with them.

The BeeHive solution:

  • BeeHive, a simple, straightforward software package: getting to grips with the tool is quick and easy.
    Inventory management: the software provides an instant view of stock levels, both in general and for specific items.
    Statistics module: this BeeHive integration gives each manager a clear understanding, at a glance, of the state of their business. It's easy to share your results with your suppliers.

Rose Avril

The challenge

The Rose Avril store has been established in the Louvain-la-Neuve area for many years. Lucie managed her store using French software, with very limited access to support. Interventions were systematically carried out remotely, and follow-up was lacking.

The store also has two entities, and its software could not reconcile the two stores into a single management system.

The BeeHive solution:

  • NetBee's availability: at Netbee, we have offices in the Liège region and are close to our customers. Our IT specialists come to your store to understand your environment and your needs, and ensure that all your equipment is up and running. If you need help, you can contact the support team and ask the people you've already met who know your sales area.
  • Synchronized management: our software lets you manage two entities, with separate inventories and sales! Perfect if you manage several sales outlets.

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About Netbee

NetBee is your ally in digitalizing your business!

We develop a range of management software for SMEs and VSEs. We’re convinced that automation and modernization are the keys to business success. That’s why we offer them software that’s useful, comprehensive and efficient, but also fully customizable. Our priority is to listen to your needs and equip you with the most appropriate tools to meet your daily challenges.

The result?
You gain time to focus on your core business, while we take care of the rest.


Our FAQs

Any last questions?

Fortunately, no! BeeHive is compatible with a wide range of hardware (ticket printers, labels, barcode scanners, cash drawers, etc.).

Our teams are always looking to develop the best integration, while limiting the cost of your IT infrastructures.

Installation is very quick. Our teams always take the time to visit your business to train and support you during your first use.

BeeHive software can be purchased or rented in two ways. Buying allows you to pay a one-off cost and own your platform, while renting divides the price into monthly installments.

We offer Starter or Basic rates, depending on the maturity of your store or e-shop. Take advantage of BeeHive from €98.50 per month to rent, and from €2,100.00 to buy. Contact us to find out more about our features and other terms of use.

Good news: this feature is included in BeeHive! You don’t need to subscribe to another service, which saves you money and centralizes your data.

Define your loyalty rules and apply them from day one. It is possible to work with a scan of the customer’s ID card for faster encoding of loyalty profiles.

Over the years, we have built up a wide range of modules in close collaboration with our customers. We’ve got the tools you need!

If, however, your activity requires adaptation or customization, the NetBee team can adapt to your needs and develop the appropriate media for you.

Of course, you can also use it to create a cash register invoice. You can edit it directly following a sale for the customer concerned or his company.

To activate invoicing from the cash desk, simply click on the invoice button on the cash desk screen.

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