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Xavier Ponthier is based in Sprimont. The company’s main activity is road freight transport. The company has a fleet of around ten trucks, semi-trailers, tractors and other machinery. On a daily basis, more than 20 people employed by Xavier Ponthier travel the roads of Wallonia.

Over the years, the need to digitalize business management has grown. Xavier Ponthier took the time to think about the aims of his future management tool.

With Xavier, we were able to build on the foundations of our OneBee ERP to design a reliable solution that was totally adapted to his business. Which, for him, was almost impossible to find on the market.

Xavier Ponthier


The challenge

Our mission is to implement a complete ERP solution. A solution with specific modules for the freight business.

Specific requirements include the management of schedules by convoy, the development of a mobile application for drivers, an automatic invoicing module based on planned convoys, collection of driving information and related data through the application, etc.

The main objective is to be able to obtain clear planning views to organize each driver’s day. The second objective is tooptimize the management of officeemployees thanks to an application. The company’s main difficulty is the frequency of schedule changes.

NetBee teams must also take into account role and access management in the various software and mobile interfaces. Above all, all the information transmitted by all the drivers to enable optimized management and save time for office workers.


the onebee solution

OneBee has been adapted to the company’s specific needs. Namely, to be able to organize and manage dozens of daily convoys for different customers with a team of over 20 employees able to drive several models and rolling stock.

Thanks to OneBee’s planning module, convoys are organized according to precise, personalized criteria. Various planning views and filters make it easy to manage your organization. To increase efficiency, all the information on a planned convoy is converted directly by the office staff into an invoice. The software also enables partial and complete payment status to be validated via an automated bank link.

All planning and recorded convoys are transmitted directly to the internal mobile application used by all drivers. Each employee can consult his or her schedule and the data needed to get to the site. All site and transport information (CMR, journey times, site photos, etc.) is encoded directly by the driver in the mobile application. The information is shared with the manager and can be processed in no time.

Everything is centralized, processed and shared within OneBee ERP and its mobile application.

and after

the results

Unique planning module

Xavier Ponthier uses planning as a management tool. On the basis of an encoded convoy, all other tasks are automated

An erp-related application

The OneBee mobile application enables the company to streamline paper management and communication between drivers and the office. All data is encoded by the driver on site or on the move.

easier management

All OneBee ERP modules bring together the company’s key data and information. The dashboard view provides a quick overview of the company’s situation.

time saving

Task automation, bank reconciliation modules and basic ERP modules have enabled the company to save a huge amount of time in managing and processing information.


Nothing beats a face-to-face demonstration of our software. If you’d like to find out more and see for yourself how we can make your business more efficient, we’d be delighted to visit your company!